Beijing Chunqiu Technology Co.,Ltd

Beijing Chunqiu technology co.,ltd is a professional research, development and sales of intelligent health equipment of high-tech enterprise.Its brand “TSINGHILL” series products include: Multi-function touch teaching integrated machine, Campus air detection system, Intelligent campus fresh air system, etc.

As a pioneer of Chinese intelligent education equipment, we focus on the intelligent solution of kindergarten, primary and secondary school. We are committed to providing schools with a more scientific approach and a better learning environment for students.

Campus Touch Integrated Machine

New Wind System

Campus Air Detection System


75 inch - 65 inch - 55 inch

It adopts the advanced multi-touch interactive technology at home and abroad. It is a multi-function human-machine interactive terminal using screen touch operation which integrates the functions of interactive electronic whiteboard, TV, audio, computer, Internet and multimedia playback. It is widely used in the fields of education,teaching, business meeting, commercial display ,hall inquiry and so on.



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