Treston is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with expert services for building quality ergonomic work environments. Treston workstation solutions comply with the philosophy of LEAN manufacturing, and our wide range of products with ESD protection is suitable for use in ESD protected areas (EPA).

We provide value for our customers

  • Excellent customer service and expertise
  • Quality products
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Reliability


Our workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work.


Our design department serves corporate customers with customer-specific and customised solutions.

Our operations are based on manufacturing high-quality products and doing high-quality work. We want to offer the best possible services to our customers, and our actions are open and compliant with the certification for our quality management system (ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015).
Ensuring the quality of operations by consulting and understanding the needs of both internal and external customers is part of each employee’s daily work. Added value is also created for our customers around the world through continuous improvement of operations, development of personnel, and responsible environmental and quality work.

Treston is not just a furniture manufacturer. We offer our customers comprehensive know-how and insights on how to make their workstations and workspaces as functional as possible.

Ergonomics is always taken into account when designing a workspace. Because Treston products are modular, the workstation solutions we design are cost-effective and comply with the principles of the LEAN philosophy. Our range of products with ESD protection and our expertise in ESD matters help our customers obtain safe and functional workspaces for the most demanding working conditions.

In projects, our expert sales staff go through the customer’s needs, goals, current state, and processes. Based on the conversations, we then make design proposals for the spaces and furniture. Our design engineers can make the exact type of dimensional drawings that the customer needs.

Our retailers are also experts who can provide the services that you need flexibly and comprehensively. We also support our network of retailers through expert services.

Ergonomics improves productivity and well-being at work.
Have you paid attention to the methods of transferring objects, the placement and accessibility of tools, the opportunities to perform one’s work either sitting down or standing up, and lighting at your workplace? All the above are part of ergonomic workstation design, and companies that have paid attention to these have been able to significantly improve their productivity.


We design, manufacture, and sell quality workstation solutions for industrial and technical work environments. Our range of products covers workbenches, workbench accessories, storage systems, trolleys, chairs, light fixtures, cabinets, shelves, assembly and production lines, and packing solutions.

In addition to the product families optimised for industrial use, Treston manufactures storage solutions for households and public spaces under the brand name Sovella.

Besides modular and adaptable standard solutions, our design department serves corporate customers with customer-specific and customised solutions.

3D Configurator

Designing an individual workstation is easy and quick with our 3D Configurator software, available at The 3D Configurator guides you through the selection of all the necessary modules and accessories for your workstation. When you have completed the design, you can send a request for a quote electronically, or save the drawing and supply list in PDF format on your own computer with a click of a button.

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